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Be part of the conversations about Urban Air Mobility in Latin America. Varon Vehicles is targeted towards implementation of its first Infrastructure Networks starting in Colombia and you can join in. As a UAM stakeholder, you can join the conversations in our next Think Tanks (dates to be announced) and also attend Skyscraper 2020 now. Your organization can also join the Varon Vehicles ecosystem, in which we're offering faster and lower cost learning curves for the nascent UAM industry - get in touch with us to learn how.

Think Tanks

Sessions in which global Urban Air Mobility stakeholders hold conversations about implementation of Urban Air mobility Infrastructure Networks in Latin America.

Watch all 2020 Think Tanks inside Skyscraper 2020 on the link at the top of this page.


Varon Vehicles´ Virtual Summit in which conclusions, paths forward and Urban Air Mobility technologies are showcased to the global and regional community.

Enter Skyscraper 2020 on the link at the top of this page.

Latin American Cities

The Mobility Problem

City centered perspective. The mobility problem in Latin

American cities is quite unique. It determines the nature of

our Urban Air Mobility systems - air vehicles, airspace

integration architecture and vertiports.

Latin American Cities

City Growth

City growth poses a major challenge for Latin American

cities. Our Infrastructure Networks connectivity without the

need for physical mobility infrastructure is a diruptive

way to alleviate the existing pressure for city growth.

Latin American Cities

New Business Cases

Our Infrstructure Networks offer the potential to generate

new business cases, from passenger transportation

together with Transportation Network Companies (TNCs)

and freight transportation, all the way to energy,

real estate and data businesses, generating new valuable

opportunities. We will be talking about the challenges.

Looking for an Ecosystem for Implementation?


Are you an air vehicle OEM, subsystems provider or UAM systems developer? Would you like to join an ecosystem where the UAM learning curve, flight testing, certification and placement into service can be achieved faster and at lower cost? Are you looking to expand the market for your UAM products and establish partnerships? Get in touch with us.


Be an active part in the conversations about the implementation of UAM in Latin America.


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